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RC-1262, Scorch
Biographical information


Date of birth

32 BBY

Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Galactic Republic

"If we're all clones, how come I'm the only one with a sense of humor?"
— RC-1262

RC-1262, or Delta-62, was a clone commando in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Among the commandos of Delta Squad he was referred to as Scorch.

Six-Two earned the nickname "Scorch" after an ordnance accident during training that left him and Sergeant Walon Vau without eyebrows for a short time. Scorch was one of the most individual clone troopers in the Republic forces. He had an over-developed sense of irony, and was the resident wiseguy of Delta Squad.

Scorch had a love for heavy weapons, and favored the powerful anti-armor attachment of the standard-issue DC-17m weapons system. Scorch carried a large ordnance pack strapped to his back and sported yellow markings on his wrist gauntlets, making him easier to be identified by his squad-mates. During their first mission on Geonosis, it was Scorch's skills that allowed the Deltas to blast through the enemy fortifications, weapon installations, advanced assault units and just about anything else that stood in their way.

"Just get us inside without killing the squad, okay Scorch?"

Scorch and his Delta squad-mates quickly became veteran soldiers in the Clone Wars. At the end of the war, Delta Squad was sent to Kashyyyk, where Scorch fought alongside his brethren against Separatist forces in the battle for Kachirho during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Behind the scenes

Scorch was voiced by Raphael Sbarge.

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