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visas marr

Visas Marr
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3,976 BBY

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No eyes

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Old Republic era


Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, formerly Sith

"Her presence here is a threat to us. To you. Do not underestimate her... or her loyalty."
Kreia to the Jedi Exile

Visas Marr was a Miraluka from the planet Katarr and a companion to the Jedi Exile during her adventures in 3,951 BBY.

"My life for yours."
— Visas Marr to the Jedi Exile

Visas was the only inhabitant of Katarr to survive its devastation in approximately 3,952 BBY, which was caused by Darth Nihilus in his hunger for the Force when he learned of a secret Jedi conclave assembled on the planet.

Feeling echoes in the Force, silent screams of the innocent, seeing all life around her becoming worse than dead—becoming nothing but absence in the Force—feeling drained, broken, having lost everything she was bound to... it was incredibly painful for Visas, and still, against all odds, she survived. And then, walking through the ashes of Katarr, she was approached by Nihilus himself.

The Sith Lord made her see — for the first time see the galaxy as a whole, and having experienced it, she wished to die. The galaxy, stripped of the Force, appeared as a lifeless conglomerate of flesh and rock, touched by swarms of ignorant living beings — the plague of life. As Nihilus explained, he wanted Visas to believe in his cause, that all life must be exterminated.

Visas during her first encounter with Darth Nihilus.
Visas during her first encounter with Darth Nihilus.

This vision severely damaged her Force Sight — which she, as a Miraluka, had to solely rely on, having no physical sight. Nevertheless, being valuable as Force-sensitive, she was taken by Nihilus as an apprentice and servant.

About a year later, Visas, as well as Nihilus, felt a disturbance in the Force caused by the Jedi Exile and the decisions she made on her journey. However, Nihilus was unaware that the Exile was its source, as it did not feel like originating from a living being. After that discovery, Nihilus sent Visas to trace the unusual disturbance.

Visas as a servant of the Sith.
Visas as a servant of the Sith.

Visas infiltrated the Exile's ship, the Ebon Hawk, during her absence and engaged in a fight with her when she returned — only to be defeated, wounded, and have her lightsaber broken. This caused Visas to abandon Nihilus and pledge her life to the Exile as she, to the displeasure of certain crew members, took her to the medbay instead of finishing her off.

Impressed by her compassion, Visas embraced the light side and told the Exile her entire backstory, as well as taught her to use Force Sight. She refused, however, to guide her to her master, as she felt she was not ready to face such a threat at that time. However, she foresaw that they would eventually meet in the near future.

From that moment, Visas aided the Exile during her search for the remaining Jedi Masters. In a final test of allegiance to her, Visas — along with the Exile herself — confronted and destroyed her old master, Darth Nihilus, aboard his flagship, the Ravager. Her fate ended up solely resting on that of the Exile, who gave her the strength to stand up to her former master.

Little is known of Visas's ultimate fate. She was hinted to be vital in the subsequent restoration of the Jedi Order; also, according to Darth Traya's final predictions, she returned to her homeworld, Katarr, and, looking upon its surface, finally saw what she was meant to see.

Behind the scenes
Concept art.
Concept art.
  • Visas was voiced by Kelly Hu.
  • Visas Marr's name most likely originates from the Latin word visus (meaning sight) and marred (meaning impaired).
  • If the Exile chooses the path of the dark side, then Visas will forget about Katarr and will have an unstoppable vengeance against anyone that has ever hurt her physically or emotionally. Alternatively, the player can sacrifice Visas on the Ravager to weaken Nihilus, but only if she is wearing standard clothes and wielding a melee weapon.
  • If the Jedi Exile asks Visas what has she done to the Ebon Hawk's crew, they will still be intact and can help fight her.
  • In Wizards of the Coast's Champions of the Force miniatures set, the Jedi Sentinel miniature resembles Visas Marr.
Visas with her eye sockets undamaged.
Visas with her eye sockets undamaged.

If the player is using a male light-side character, despite some turbulence, he can eventually fall in love with her—which will, if the player is not careful, make him lose influence with Brianna.

Technically, however, it is not possible to have a romance with Visas Marr. She, like Mical, will come to the Exile — if male — and "proclaim" her love for him. This, however, is different from the romance in the first KotOR game, where the player's character is able to return those feelings.

The same is true with the romance with Brianna. Though she reveals her name and she is, ironically, supposed to be a romantic interest, she does not state her love for the Exile or vice versa, causing a huge disappointment for many fans of the game.

Cut content
Mistaken for cut content, Visas is able to sacrifice herself on board Ravager.
Mistaken for cut content, Visas is able to sacrifice herself on board Ravager.

Like with many other characters, Visas's role was originally greater, but some details and scenes were not implemented the final game due to short development cycle.

  • According to developer comments in her conversation file, she was supposed to render all of the Ebon Hawk crew unconscious; during his/her encounter with Visas, the player would (formally) control his/her current party members, but Visas would put them into a Force stasis similar to the one cast by Juhani, Darth Malak, and Bastila Shan in the first KotOR. Also, in the middle of the battle, she would somehow use her Force Sight to blind the player. In addition, the player would have the choice to spare Visas or simply kill her.
  • Visas exchanges dialogue with Canderous Ordo, thanking him for accompanying her to defeat Nihilus on the Ravager and then later, would heal him after an injury. Visas would then leave the Ebon Hawk and walk upon the surface of Malachor V together with the Mandalore. A glimpse of this can be found at one of the loading screens.
  • The player would get a second chance to murder Visas when he chooses to learn to use the Force as Nihilus does. The player would then "dispose of the unloyal one." Also, the player would be able to lie to Nihilus and with Visas, attack him by surprise.
  • In at least one possible ending for a male character (presumably the dark side ending), a scene of Visas being provoked into fight by Brianna would take place when the player entered the Proving Grounds of the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. After Darth Traya's defeat, the Exile would leave either Visas or Brianna (whomever he has more influence with) on the planet to guide future visitors.
  • In the cut ending, Visas participates in the deed of trying to kill Kreia alongside the other party members, but she gets hit by Force Crush and is imprisoned by Darth Sion.
  • Some cut content reveals that Visas probably was intended to join the party only if the player was a dark-sider. The promotional poster shows Visas on the dark side icon, opposed to Brianna on the light side. Cut content in the Dantooine modules (number 650) shows how Visas was intended to bring Kreia to Nihilus. This content was scrapped during late development stage.

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Picture of Green Anole (Anoles carolinensis)

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