Thursday, October 26, 2006

its not starwars but what the heck

Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis)
Picture of Green Anole (Anoles carolinensis)

Photo ©TPWD

Other Names
The green anole is a common lizard, slender in build, with a narrow head and a long, slender tail that can be twice as long as the rest of the animal. Color can vary from gray-brown, to brown, to bright green. Each animal can change its color to blend with surroundings. Males can have a noticeable dewlap that is pink when displayed. It is commonly referred to as a "chameleon" due to its ability to change color, but not a true chameleon.
Anoles require greenery, occasional shade, and a moist environment. They prefer to be in trees or shrubs, but can also be found on walls and fences.
This lizard is found throughout the eastern third of Texas, and is common in the southeastern U.S.
Picture of Green Anole (Anoles carolinensis)

Photo ©TPWD

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